Changing NS servers for domain. Urgent

Dear experts!
Cannot find the sollution of our troubles, so have to open the topic here.

  1. We completed the transfer of our domain to Cloulare registrar (finished 2 ays ago).
  2. At the same time we transferred our site from Europen hoster to the USA hoster ( At the new hoster server we completed the restoration procedure.
  3. Final step must be changing by registrar (Clouflare) the NS servers to new hoster NS server. For our case it is: and
    We wrote 2 messages to CloudFlare support asking to change the NS records, but there no answer. Tickets numbers: [Cloudflare Support] 2216176 and [Cloudflare Support] 2216816.
    So what we should to do to redirect NS record to new hoster (iPage). How to connect with cloudflare support to change the NS servers names?
    Till now, about 5 days we cannot finish the transferring of our site to new hoster. God blessing, it works on the old hosting (Europe).
    Appresiate any advises! Thanks ahead!

When using Cloudflare as a registrar it is not possible to change the nameservers. You’ll have to use Cloudflare’s. Make sure the DNS records from your host match what you have configured on Cloudflare’s side and you should be actually good.

Hmm, the support team of our new hoster insisted to use their NS servers records. Ok, I show this ansfer to them.
Anyway, Sandro, thank for you replay!

I am afraid that would currently not be possible. For that you would need to transfer the domain to another place, however even that will be blocked for the next 60 days due to ICANN regulations after a transfer.

I can’t comment on your host, but DNS-wise it really is sufficient to just make sure that all your records on your host’s side are configured on Cloudflare too.

After changing the DNS records, there is other errors:

Error 526

Ray ID: 6765aa68bda1359b • 2021-07-29 10:29:21 UTC

Invalid SSL certificate

New hoster refused to help us with this issue and offeres to byu new certificate from them or connect to cloudflare support team to solve this issue.
We HAVE already commodo certificate, no need to buy one. We wont to transfer the SSL certificate to new hoster

Is thire simple way to solve SSL issue certificate?

That’s rather unhelpful, I’m afraid that Cloudflare cannot fix this, you need a valid certificate on your server. Whether that’s a new one or one you transfer, you’ll have to take it up with your host.

If they will let you install your own certificate, you could use your existing one or use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

Yes, we have already understand, that it is not good hoster.
Thanks for advice.

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