Changing Namespace for Unknown DNS Management Account

Hi everyone.

My company’s domain was purchased through GoDaddy, however the DNS hosting was changed and I’m led to believe that it is Cloudflare. The nameservers are:

(replace _ with “.” because it wouldnt let me post more than 2 links)

And the registrar is

I need to change the Name Servers, however I can’t figure out first who the DNS Host Provider is (My best guess is Cloudflare), and what DNS Host Provider Account is tied to the domain.

The domain is

Any insight is appreciated, Thanks.

What would make you think of Cloudflare? And why is it a problem to change the nameserver? Go to your registrar’s control panel*) and enter which server you want to use. Am I missing something?

*) And, move away from Godaddy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response,

Public Domain Registry seems to have no Control Panel login whatsoever, also they seem to have no available support line. The only reason I know that they are the registrar is because of WHOIS. Any Ideas on how I can get some kind of DNS control panel access?

Didnt you say Godaddy?

The DNS is not managed through GoDaddy. The Name Servers listed in GoDaddy are not the Name Servers listed from WHOIS

Well, the point is you want to change the nameservers. And that you do at your registrar. What am I missing?

The Registrar is not GoDaddy, It is Public Domain Registry. ICANN Lookup

Well, you originally mentioned Godaddy.

Anyhow, Public Domain Registry is a subsidiary of EIG and AFAIK EIG uses their accreditation for all domain-related business. If you forgot who the actual reseller was you would need to contact Public Domain Registry, they should be able to refer you to the right contact

Those are Cloudflare IPs associated with the nameservers, but I don’t think Cloudflare is providing the service directly. A google search turned up this service which may be a more likely provider:

But, to change the nameservers you really have to do that at the registrar so determining that and trying to get it changed there is probably the best course.

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