Changing nameserves my registrar asks for IPs as mandatory. What I should paste there?


My provider ‘Nominalia’ ask not only for the nameserver but for IPs.
After many searching I could not know what I should put there.


Which ns Cloudflare allocated to your domain?


But sorry.
Don’t understand your question.


My server is allocated at London


On the DNS section at Cloudflare Dashboard. What do you see?


I think you are providing just the information I have.
What about the IPs?


Check if you see and, if not the IPs are different there are ~2500 possible combinations.

About nameservers as say Cloudflare I must to put



Let see if it helps.

Thank you.
Now registrant system says:


Before that it simply didn’t let me make the change. Now, after putting that IPs and registrant system thinking some seconds, it said that


Then unlock your domain and try again? This should be in their UI somewhere.


Registrar have a setting for that.
The first problem is more difficult for newes.
Following your post I got it, but
Is there any way to know what IPs may been input?

Thank you again. Very Much!


It is actually really weird that they’re requiring IPs as they not only don’t need them, they can look them up, but most importantly they literally can’t do anything with the IP information that they can’t do without. IPs are simply not a part of delegating zones to named nameservers (assuming the nameservers are owned by another organization).

You can look it up though, via the command line using dig or nslookup, or using web based services.


True. I don’t understand the reason they ask for.
Really useful for Nominalia users.
Cloudflare just notify to me the change now.
The only afraid is to have put wrong IPs, but thinking I need some time to verify that…
Thank you very much

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