Changing Nameservers

2 Days ago i Integrated my Website into Cloudfare by Changing Nameservers in Domain Registrar in HostGator.
My website Was Working fine for 12-20 Hours after Changing the Name Servers.

After 12-20 Hrs my website Gets Down.

So I changed Quickly back the Nameservers to HostGator, so my website was Up again in a few Seconds.

I don’t know why this Problem happened to me?

Why I can’t use Cloudflare with changing the Nameservers.

My Website Hosting Service reply on this Query when i Told them about this Problem:
"You will need to check this with Cloudflare , Saim
The issue is not on our end
You can update the nameservers to Cloudflare
The website will work fine after the propagation period.
In case the website is inactive after the propagation, you will need to contact Cloudflare regarding this.

My Domain:

It usually is a propagation issue. WHOIS updates often take 24 to 48 hours to fully propagate.

However, regardless of how far along propagation is, it should keep working.

My suggestion would be to switch to Cloudflare, but set all your DNS entries on your Cloudflare DNS page to :grey:. That should make your DNS consistent with what you currently have.

Thanks for the Reply.
As i told aftee changing the name servers the website waa working fine for 12-20 hrs. Then it gets dowm after that time. Do we have to Wait for another 24-48 hrs after the Website gets down? For the Fully Propagation??

One thing More have You any Idea about EZOIC? So you know about EZOIC?

That 12-20 hours could have been before DNS propagated. But double-check that all your DNS records are correct. Once you switch to Cloudflare, it will be possible to troubleshoot the issue. Many people on Bluehost use Cloudflare.

No, I’ve never heard of EZOIC.

I am not on Bluehost. I am using HostGator

Sorry, I get the two mixed up. But, them too.

Ezoic is Cloudafare Certified Partner

Can You Setup Cloudflare accout for me? And can setup all the necessary and important thing, like DNS, IP, on off etc whatever Please?

Sorry, I’m just a customer, and I haven’t seen others here do Cloudflare setups for clients.

There are some on who do Cloudflare setups.

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