Changing nameservers with cloudflare as registrar

I have hosting somewhere (because cloudflare doesn’t do hosting) and I’m trying to point my nameservers to my hosting because my files and web dev have been done on the cpanel at my hosting. So I am trying to change the nameservers but I don’t know how? I put in an NS record for my hosting just now, but it doesn’t seem like there have been any changes. I know it is supposed to take 24 hours, but I’m not sure if I even did this right. My website is

All the ‘help’ I see on cloudflare with this topic is changing nameservers to cloudflare with the registrar. But cloudflare IS my registrar and I’m trying to point the nameservers to my hosting. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?

When using Cloudflare as registrar you cannot change the nameservers. Typically it should be enough to simply adjust the DNS records to whatever you need. If you really need to change the nameservers you’d have to transfer the domain to another registrar I am afraid.


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