Changing nameservers when nameservers are already CF


I do IT for my boss who is on vacation. For reasons best left unexplained, our CF account lapsed.

I set up a new account but when I got to the page that required me to change nameservers, I find that CF handles my nameservers, no doubt due to the lapsed account.

Can I get CF to simply use the existing nameserves? If so, how? Thank you!

Could you please share the domain name?

I strongly recommend you try to regain access to your Cloudflare account. If you move your domain to a new account all settings will be reset, and that’s something you generally want to avoid.

You also cannot simply import DNS records from a different Cloudflare account. Since proxied DNS records resolve to a Cloudflare IP address, importing them will cause your website to display an error and stop working.

Therefore you will need to know the real origin IP before you can set up a domain on a new account.

Cloudflare uses a domain’s name servers to determine which account should have control over the domain. To move your domain to a different Cloudflare account you must change the domain’s name servers to the ones specified in the dashboard.


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