Changing nameservers to manage DNS outside Cloudflare

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Is it ever possible for a domain on Coudflare registrar to point a name server outside Cloudflare? I am not asking “using custom name servers” which is documented already. I don’t want to “create custom name servers”, I wan to use an existing name server outside Cloudflare.

I guess it was a big mistake to move the domain to Cloudflare registrar, as they are limiting domain functions.

“Custom nameservers” is basically any non-Cloudflare nameservers, including your existing nameservers in different location.

It is not, in fact. At least it should not be. Because “custom name servers” as appears in the Cloudflare’s respective page: “Custom nameservers allow you to create your own, unique nameservers in place of your assigned Cloudflare nameservers”. That is to say “create YOUR OWN UNIQUIE name servers”. No, this is not managing the DNS outside Cloudflare. This is as it says, “creating” custome name servers; custom for the domain. But I don’t want to create a name server, I want to use an “existing” name server.

To exemplify it simply;

Let’s say my domain is example[dot]com

Per the explanation of Cloudflare, “creating custom name servers” mean to create name servers like:

But what I want to do is, use an existing name server like:

If it is also done in the same menu, then the explanation and terminology of Cloudflare is extremely misleading.

I believe you would need an Business or an Enterprise plan to achieve the wanted.

Se here -

It’s not today, one of the aspects of the at-cost nature of the service.

Cloudflare registrar terms of service | Cloudflare

Section 7.2 is the relevant it I believe.

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@fritexvz , it’s not about custom name servers and thus not ever about business or enterprise plan, it’s something totally different.

@cscharff , thank you for your time and saving me the effort of scraping it. Yes, that’s what I feared and why I said it was a big mistake to transfer to Cloudflare. I will need to move out.

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