Changing Nameservers Registrar

Hi Support
I’m currently transferring my domain registrar from Godaddy to Cloudflare Site:
I got an email to change the nameservers to Cloudflare’s

On Dodaddys end the support can not do the change because is pending transferring out,
how can I change the nameservers when Cloudflare is the new registrar, on the free account.


your domain has currently these nameservers -


these are Cloudflare nameservers by default.
on GoDaddy, you have to disable the transfer, and then you can add the above nameservers.
once it is propagated you can begin the transfer process.

let me know if you still have any queries

Thanks for the solution I have changed the nameservers,

my situation is the domain is expiring on the 9th Dec 2021 today,
it is not renewed on Godaddy end, is the $8.95 I paid with Cloudflare covers the domains new 1 year renewal?

Also what do I have to do next on the transfer? wait for propagation, is than automated to process the transfer?


Here is the new transfer code from Godaddy I can not update on cloudflare
The domain status is not yet in pending transfer status yet on Godaddy.

Please assist thanks

This is definitely not a good time to attempt to transfer that domain. I suggest you renew it immediately at GoDaddy so you don’t lose it.

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I spoken with Godaddy there is no need to renew when I’m doing the transfer there is 2 weeks of time to do it.

I just want to add the authorisation code to the dashboard to process the transfer.
Can you please help

Sounds good. So, back to the issue:

Your site is currently using Cloudflare name servers and is loading properly.

But you’re trying to transfer the domain registration to Cloudflare.

Does your domain show up in Registrar as being possible to transfer?

Yes we are on the same page, this is the part I’m stuck, I cant upload step 2 the authorization codes.
I have paid few days ago already.

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