Changing nameservers of Cloudflare registered domains


I have several domains that I’ve transferred from GoDaddy to Cloudflare as my registrar. I’m needing to change my name servers to bypass Cloudflare’s and point to another host. Is this possible with Cloudflare?

When I was registered with GoDaddy this was a basic feature you were able to do. I would hate to think I transferred all of my domains to Cloudflare and now I’m not able to change my nameservers unless I were to upgrade to the Business plan which is ridiculously over priced for a 1 man company my size.

To clarify I’m not looking to have custom name servers like, I’m simply looking to change my name servers to point to somewhere else bypassing Cloudflares NS.

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You cant change the nameservers, however you can simply adjust your DNS records and - if necessary - mark them as :grey: so they bypass Cloudflare. Alternatively, you can pause the entire proxy service on the Overview page (which automatically sets all records to :grey:).

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