Changing nameservers - now can't access site

Hi y’all

I set up my site on Google Cloud with 1-click installation option.

I changed my nameservers to target Googles nameservers from my domain provider. (

I then added SSL certificate to the site.

It worked beautifully.

I then added Cloudflare. The DNS i active. I have run a DNS check online and the correct nameservers are being used. I have full strict on. I have always https on.

But now when I try to enter the site I get the “site is unsecure”-page.

If I enter the domain with http, I am directed to my domain provider (

And if I click advanced on the “unsecure site page” I get this message in Google chrome. (cleared cache, incognito mode)

NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID in Google Chrome. (cleared cache, incognito mode)

The server could not prove that it is because its security certificate comes from * This can be caused by an incorrect configuration or by someone blocking the connection.


and this message in Firefox:
Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN (cleared cache, incognito mode)

Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.

HTTP Strict Transport Security: false
HTTP Public Key Pinning: false

I forgot, and if I proceed to the site in Chrome I get a 404 page.

Wait what the heck…

It’s working as intended on my smartphone.

But I have tried clearing cache, flushing DNS, rebooting computer??

I am connected via ethernet to the computer and I used mobile data

I tried sharing computer internet with mobile and tried entering the site - now it’s the same issue there

Sorry for all the posts I made. I couldn’t find the edit button until now, my brains are completely scrambled at this point

What’s the domain?

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