Changing nameservers necessary and safe?

Cloudflare is asking me to change our nameservers. GoDaddy already lists cloudflare nameservers for us, but with different “first names”.

It’s a bit complicated because GoDaddy has our domain name, A2 Hosting handles email (and they asked us to change the MX records at Cloudflare), but Kajabi hosts our website.

Is it safe to change? Might our email/website go down, even temporarily?

No, you should not just change your nameservers.

That you see other Cloudflare nameservers for your domain means that it is active in a different Cloudflare account.

I would recommend that you find out who manages your Cloudflare account and gain access to that, rather than set up a new account. A new account means you will have to setup all the necessary records for your website and email again, and it wouldn’t work in the meantime.

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