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Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to find the similar reported question elsewhere, so forgive me if i have failed to find the right thread.

I’m setting up a domain on Cloudflare, as i’ve done many times before, and this domain is based in Denmark, which makes the registrar DKHostmaster.

Normally I would change the nameservers, and it would find the matching Cloudflare nameservers. In this case though, i was only able to receive the following two nameservers, no matter the change:

I’ve already called the registrar about this twice, and they keep answering me that the nameservers must till be propagating.

Anybody else experienced this?


Which nameservers does it mention in the control panel?


It mentions

I have also tried with chip and jocelyn


Why would you have tried all of them?

If it mentions these two, it is these two you should be associating with your domain.


I tried to reinitiate the process of creating a domain, to see if it was an issue solely related to the lou and nora nameservers. So by meaning all of them, i actually only tried lou, nora and then chip when i was prompted with new nameservers in the initiation process.


I am not quite sure what the problem is at this point.

What you need to do is to associate these two nameservers with your domain at your registrar.


When i try to assign the new nameservers, the registrar has a panel where it fetches the rest of the nameservers, depending on the NS records.

My registrar is saying the issue is related to Cloudflare, and that it is due to incorrect NS records on those nameservers. So i can’t manually change the nameservers, and when trying to assign the nameservers, it finds the nameservers mention before, kim and west.


What is the domain?


The domain is


Hmm, Cloudflare does report back kim and west. And in the control panel of your domain it lists lou and nora?

I’d contact support at this point to clarify that.


First of all, thank you sandro for taking the time to repond :smile:

What’s the proper channel for reporting this? Just sending an email to [email protected] ?


That address is definitely not a bad choice, maybe someone of Cloudflare’s support can chime in here too


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