Changing nameservers in GoDaddy results in Nameserver not available error

Hi, I have several domains at GoDaddy. When I go to the domain tabs and add the nameservers Cloudfare tells me to “” and “” it fails saying “Nameserver not available”. It does this for all of my domains there.

These are proper nameservers. What is the domain and post a screenshot of the error.,, all have the same issue.

I am afraid that is something you need to ask your registrar. The nameservers are there and they correctly respond for your domains, so that an issue on your registrar’s side.

You mean GoDaddy, which is where I registered the domains?

I’ve moved them several times in the last week with no issues from “ ,” to “ ,” and back with no issues.

Trying to get SSL for my subdomains which is why I am looking at Cloudfare.


That is not a reason for Cloudflare, as you will still need a certificate on your server anyhow.

Same here. Using Godaddy, and facing the exact same issue!

I am having the exact same problem with GoDaddy today. Unable to set the nameservers to anything custom. It does appear that it is not specifically related to “only” Cloudflare nameservers though.

Same! I guess Godaddy is experiencing some issue. Is everything fine on the Cloudflare side?

Doesn’t look like it. Check Cloudflare service status

No issues regarding nameservers. That is a Godaddy issue.

I tried adding my nameservers (Cloudflare Nameservers) to Godaddy, and it says nameserver is not available. Any tips?

Just got in touch with Godaddy. Here is their response:

Few updates are going on from GoDaddy end in the domain DNS . However, you can access the domain > manage all page >> Advanced list view (Top right you can see 3 lines) >>Select the domain >> DNS > nameservers >> new nameservers >> save .

Just reporting that I had the same problem: trying to set up Cloudflare on a domain a client set up through GoDaddy, and CF’s name servers ( and weren’t recognized (including using the advanced view on the Manage All Domains screen per @user4135’s post). Something must be going wrong with their client control panel today.

GoDaddy support was able to make the change for me pretty quickly, so that’s what I’d recommend to anyone encountering the “Nameserver not available” error.

I’m also having this issues with changing the NS records on a GoDaddy domain to & I’ve done this 100 times before and never had this issue or error message. This particular domain name is also configured exactly like a couple of others that I added to Cloudflare earlier this week.

I’ll go ahead and call GoDaddy and if they can explain what is going on, I’ll post that here.

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I’m also having the same issue, Nameserver not available is there any solution for this

I am trying to use cloud flare service. they gave me name servers however when i put them into GODADDY they said invalid name servers. Has anyone experienced this issue? doesn’t show up in traceroute. shows with GoDaddy (AKA host papa) as the name server.

Each of your Cloudflare name servers shows to be online and responding very quickly.

Thus, it sounds to be an issue with GoDaddy, not Cloudflare.

You can close the ticket. Thanks.

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