Changing Nameservers - HostGator

I just signed up and am trying to change my nameservers to get started. The instructions are telling me to log into my GoDaddy account, but I have HostGator and am not sure where to make these changes. Help?

Without knowing the domain name, I could try to troubleshoot few things at least.

If that so, it means GoDaddy is the registrar for your domain name where you have purchased/registered it on your name.

HostGator could be a web hosting provider, where you host your website content, emails, etc.

May I ask what is your domain name so I could check this by looking up into the WHOIS information for your domain name?

Yes, when you add your domain name to your Cloudflare account, in the process you will be given Cloudflare nameservers to which you have to point your domain name to make it work.

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