Changing nameservers from defaults


Hey, folks,

Quick question…My NS settings are using the defaults ( & but I need to change them to new ones because of a change on my hosting provider’s end, but it says I need to upgrade to a Business plan in order to use custom nameservers. Just want to make sure this is correct before doing so in case I’m missing another way to change them without upgrading.



Are you sure you actually need to update the nameservers? Generally that isn’t the case (they may have sent a generic email which doesn’t necessarily apply in your case). If they are changing the IP addresses of your website, mail hosts or other records to a new IP, you can simply update those within Cloudflare.

If you push back and tell them you aren’t using their DNS and ask them what the reason is for the change they may have a simpler answer for you.


Good question. Our host requires the NS changes but I thought I’d pose the question before messing with the settings here. The IP hasn’t changed, just the NS info.


Unless they are one of a very limited number of hosting providers which simply don’t work unless you point your nameservers to them it may not be an issue. Normally those hosters tend to be ‘build-a-site’ type providers who have tightly coupled everything. Most providers don’t actually really care where your nameservers point, they just prefer it point to them so they can automate server move/add/changes.


So far it seems OK since the changes on the host’s end have finished propagating and our site is still loading, even with an empty cache, so me thinks you’re right.

Thanks for chiming in on this!