Changing nameservers from Cloudflare with no access to Cloudflare account

We are in process of moving our website to a new platform. This will require changes to the DNS records. The domain is registered at GoDaddy. When I went to the nameservers section of the DNS management of GoDaddy, it said that the nameservers are and I don’t know who set this up or what email is associated with that account, so I can’t access that Cloudflare account. If we initiate a nameserver change to GoDaddy, is the anything in the current Cloudflare account that will block this?

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Nothing at Cloudflare will prevent you from changing your nameservers at your third-party registrar. (If you were using Cloudflare registrar, it wouldn’t be possible to change nameservers.)

You will need to ensure that all of your DNS records are correct on your new DNS server or you will experience interruption. Be careful that you don’t enter Cloudflare any proxy IPs. That will also lead to interruption.

If you have DNSSEC active, be sure to disable it first, too, or it will cause interruption.

The following guide is for moving to Cloudflare with minimal downtime, but many of the concepts also apply for an outbound migration.

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Thanks. I’ll relay the info to the contractors doing the work.


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