Changing Nameservers from Cloudflare to Azure

Hi all,

I purchased a domain to use for a lab environment using Cloudflare as the registrar.
I am wanting to change the Nameservers from Cloudflare to Azure DNS for a little bit while I learn more azure networking skills.
Is this possible or do the nameservers need to stay as cloudflare?

So far I’ve added the Azure NS records to the domains records, but there seems to be no propagation.

Thanks in advance.

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Cloudflare registrar is an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. In order to use other nameservers at the domain root, you will need to transfer the domain registration to another registrar. Note that a newly registered domain is not eligible for transfer during the first sixty days.

You can delegate a child zone to external nameservers. e.g. could use third-party nameservers while continued using Cloudflare nameservers.


Thanks so much for clarifying.
I do want to be using Cloudflare Nameservers eventually and only want to temporarily move them, so will use a child zone to accomplish what I want.

Thanks again.

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