Changing nameservers from bluehost to cloudflare

Hi all I went to my registrar (godaddy) and changed the nameserver pointing to bluehost to point to Cloudflare instead for DNS purposes. It’s all propagated through the web now but my site is still down and not showing. I called bluehost and they told me Cloudflare has to change the A records and point it to them but its already doing so. Not sure whats going on or what to do.

Hello there,

I assume you’ve taken the proper step to update the Nameservers in Godaddy.

Yes I have done that already.

Would you share the domain here as well as the error code?

Also just checked and it seems like its already done propagating through the web so I am not sure if I missed a step, all I did was change nameservers in goddady from bluehost to the cloudflares one.

Here’s what I see: You’ve the DNSSEC key active but there’s no DS record. You can remove that.

Read the #CommunityTip here for more:

Thanks for your help. Where would I remove my DNSSEC key from ?

From your registrar. You can ask your registrar in case.

Fixed, issue was a SSL issue. Youtube video you sent has the answer. Thanks !!!

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