Changing Nameservers - Does this affect emails?


I have searched but cannot seem to see a definitive answer.

We have taken over the running of this website.

We have access to the domain with 123, but the nameservers are pointing at the old web developers server on UKFast.

We do not look after their emails and they are not 100% sure how they are set up.

If i change the nameservers is there scope that the emails could break, potentially if they are hosted on the server that the name server is pointing to? Or could that not be the case.

I have never had an issue with emails when moving nameservers before but im scared of changing this, breaking their emails and not being able to communicate with the old web developers.

So in short, does changing nameservers affect emails? Or is it only the DNS settings that do and cloudflare will take over all these?

Thanks for the help from a relative DNS idiot!

As long as your new name servers have all the records from your old name servers, email can work. But there are some caveats when it comes to proxying hostnames:

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