Changing nameservers back to my original host


I no longer wish to use cloudflare.

if I change my name servers back to my original host (hostgator) will there be any permanent damage to my site? How much downtime can I expect?



It will be a gradual transition for your visitors as they transition from accessing your site through Cloudflare to eventual directly accessing your web server.

In most cases, they won’t notice. The best plan would be to :grey: all your DNS entries at Cloudflare so users will access your server directly. Wait ten minutes, and then update your name servers to Hostgator.


Thanks for your reply. I’m a real novice. What does the grey cloud symbol mean? And how do I grey cloud all my DNS entries at Cloudflare?

Thanks so much.


:grey: means you won’t be using Cloudflare services, except for basic DNS. Basic DNS is what you’ll be using at Hostgator when you change your name servers back.

To :grey: your DNS, just go to the DNS tab in your Cloudflare account and make sure none of your entries are set to :orange:.


Thank you so much! I’m grateful.

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