Changing nameservers away from Cloudflare

I guess I have a similar problem: I changed my nameserver to the values that Cloudflare assigned me yesterday but I need to reverse the process. If I execute the “remove site from Cloudflare” action, don’t I have to also change back the nameserver names Cloudflare assigned me to the original ones somewhere in my Cloudflare account (the way I needed to change it in my original server account)?

Yes, to stop using Cloudflare you also need to change the nameservers at your registrar to point somewhere else.

Could you advise where I need to do that? In the DNS tab of my Cloudflare account I can only see my Cloudflare nameservers, but I can’t click on them to change them back to the original ones…

You have to change them at your domain registrar, not at Cloudflare. (Unless you are using Cloudflare registrar, if you are then there is currently no way to change the nameservers.)

Since I am a complete newbie I must ask this question: where exactly can I check whether I am using the Cloudflare registrar or not? Thank you for your patience!!

What is your domain?

To reverse the process you do not need to remove your site from Cloudflare. You just need to revert the nameservers with your registrar.

The old nameservers will be in the email you received from Cloudflare when the zone became active, and you can get them from the API using the GET zones/:identifier request. Just change them back in the control panel at your registrar.

If you deleted all the DNS entries on the original nameservers you should be able to export them from using the API or dashboard and import them to your old nameserver.

As a best practice, you should leave both the old and new nameservers configured for a few days without major changes to the records. DNS changes can take time to propagate around the internet, so for a time you will have some users still using the old nameservers.

(All the above assumes you are not using the Cloudflare Registrar!)

Cloudflare is not the Registrar. your old nameservers may have been:
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Yes they were! As I said, I am a complete newbie so thank you A LOT for all the help and patience!!
So I deleted & and added the nameserver names that Cloudflare assigned me. Did I understand correctly that I have to find my way back to the place in my original nameserver where I changed the data and replace them back with the original ns1.hans… and that’s that? And I don’t have to delete the domain from the Cloudflare site?

Yes :+1:

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