Changing Nameservers and WordPress

I am new to Cloudflare. I changed the name servers to my Cloudflare ones and a few minutes later my website stopped working. I also could not access my WordPress dashboard. I changed the name servers back and the website started working again and I could access my WordPress dashboard. I am not sure what happened.

I then used the WP Fastest Cache plugin to connect to Cloudflare. My site works OK for now. But I am not sure if I am getting the benefit of a CDN if my nameservers are still the old ones.

You’d need to use the Cloudflare name servers. Next time you add it and doesn’t work, post back and include the domain name.

Thanks for the response. The domain name is

I chatted with my current DNS tech support. The said sometimes the SSL certificates are not compatible after changing to a CDN. In any case, I am reluctant to change the NS now since I don’t want the site to go down and lose access to my WordPress dashboard. I will likely try again though since I definitely want a faster site.

Sometimes this happens if their certificate process hangs up while trying to access the site. For example, Let’s Encrypt wants a direct HTTP connection to your server, but if you’ve enabled “Always Use HTTPS”, then Cloudlfare won’t allow this.

One option is to install your own Cloudflare certificate on your server:

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