Changing Nameserver to Cloudflare Not Working On Domain .my?

Hi all,

My domain is using domain .my and I changed nameserver to Cloudflare on 15th August 2021. But, after 24 hour my nameserver still not changing to Cloudflare’s nameserver. Is there any problem changing nameserver for domain .my to Cloudflare?

Please help.

You most likely did not change the nameservers correctly. Probably added NS records instead of changing the nameservers.

What’s the domain?

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the domain is I changed the nameserver. Refer to picture below.

I checked my domain on ICANN Lookup, it ended up shows an error. I’m not sure what the error means.

I am afraid the registry disagrees with you.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:     nameserver =     nameserver =

You best contact your registrar about that.

Thank you for your response, suggestion & advice. It seems like changing domain .my might take longer than expected. Currently, my nameserver starting to change to new nameserver.

It already goes via the proxies.

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