Changing Nameserver question

Question, im quite confused,

My domain is from Google but my hosting is on iFast i used google nameservers in ifast so i can use the hosting now that i want to use Cloudflare which and where should i change the nameservers?

You need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar. What is your domain?

Will i be able to access my database when i switched?

Yes, your domain is registered through Google and you will need to change the nameservers with them.

As for a database, why should you not be able to access it? How exactly are you accessing it? There’ll be problems if you connect to it via a hostname which will be eventually proxied. You need to make sure to connect either via your IP address or via an unproxied hostname.

I meant my files in my host which is at iFast.

How are you accessing that right now?

by going in my host (ifast) since i used ifast’s nameservers on google.

Well, I presumed you are doing this by “going to your host”. The question is how exactly. then logging with my credentials from the host.

If everything is web-based you should be fine.

Okay thanks :slight_smile:

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