Changing name servers will affect MX records?

I am looking to add CoudFlare CDN for a website that is using an A record to point to the hosting and MX record for email services. When trying to set up Cloudflare it is asking me to confirm that I want to change the DNS servers. Won’t this make everything, including mail, go through the new name servers?

First, Cloudflare is just a DNS server, so that’s not going to change anything right away. On top of that, you layer CDN/Security on the hostnames in DNS that you set to :orange:. If mail is properly set up, nothing will change.


OK thank you @sdayman

Just be careful that you do not accidentally expose the origin IP address of any of your :orange: records. If the MX record is pointing at an A record on your zone, and that A is :orange:, users can find the IP address of your A record. Mail does not go through Cloudflare (at least not in most scenarios, you need Spectrum to get SMTP).

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