Changing Name Servers to My Web and Email Host's

Moving Domain Name Registration to Cloudflare and Setting up Email at External Email Host
I would like to change my name servers to those supplied my email host, SiteGround, so that I can manage and receive email. This seem impossible unless I upgrade to “Business” and pay $2,400/yr! At other registrars like GoDaddy or Ionos, you simply change the name servers at the registrar to the ones supplied by your hosting service and then receive and manage your email accounts through them. What am I missing?

Cloudflare does not allow you to change your nameservers. The Business plan does not change this, it only allows you to use your own domain to access Cloudflare nameservers.

If you need to change your nameservers, you have to transfer the domain to another registrar first.

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Totally confused. The reason I started moving all my domains here was because of their advertising and marketing speak about providing Domain Registration at cost, condemning other Registrars for promotional pricing then drastic increases. If you use Cloudflare as your Domain Name Registrar, how do you use it to host websites at other hosts? How do you use it to set up email hosting for multiple email addresses?

You use Cloudflare with other hosts by creating DNS records.

Most hosts have guides for adding external custom domains, but some require you to change your nameservers.

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Does Cloudflare supply any instructions for that - I feel like I’m in a black hole here!

Your hosting provider would have instructions for that. As part of the instructions, you will receive a list of DNS records that you then need to add here on Cloudflare:

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Well it looks like my hosting provider, SiteGround, mandates changing name servers.

I did go to a former hosts support site and see that they do allow it, though discourage it. It really looks like a whole lot more work than just copying two name servers over to a normal registrar.

Totally frustrated as I was excited to move approx 50 domains over and this doesn’t look like it will work.

Also frustrated that its not spelled out before purchase, and there’s no instructions on setting up web hosts and email hosts - I mean, what do you do with domains other than set up websites and email? And if they have different constraints then virtually every other registrar that should be explicit upfront and the work arounds should be spelled out.

I’m not IT guru obviously, but I’ve been building and hosting websites since HTML 1.0 and have never ran into a wall like this before.

It is specifically noted during the transfer process under the pricing…


I’m not finding anything that indicates such a requirement.

Their knowledge base has an article that explains how to find the IP of your SiteGround webserver. You can use that address to create an A record for your site.

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