Changing name Servers Route 53

My Registar of my domain is AWS Route 53. In order to activate Cloudflare I changed my name servers in Route 53 to point to Cloudflare. This resulted to my website to go down. I waited a few minutes to see if the website became active again. It didn’t happen, so I changed my name servers again back to the AWS servers.

Now, oddly, Cloudflare shows that my website is served by Cloudflare but WHOis shows that my website is served by AWS servers. :confused:

How can I really change my name servers in Route 53 and my website not go down?

If your domain uses your original nameservers, it won’t be served by Cloudflare. The domain will simply be still active on Cloudflare.

If you want to use Cloudflare, you need to use the assigned nameservers and make sure all the DNS records are configured on Cloudflare as well.

What’s the domain?

Hi Sandro,

Domain is essexmonastery dot com

All right, that domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

I’d check that A) the DNS records on Cloudflare match the Amazon records and B) your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict. In that case it should work just fine on Cloudflare.

Thank you for checking. All the DNS records are identical in both zones.

I’ll go ahead and change the name servers but I’m afraid the domain will go offline again. How long should it take to become live and served via Cloudflare?

Yeah, currently the domain would go offline.

Can you post a screensho of your DNS records on Cloudflare? If they really are identical, your server will be blocking Cloudflare. In that case you should make sure the addresses at are whitelisted on your server.

Oh, I see. Shouldn’t the records be the same?

In the meantime, I’ll whitelist the IP addresses.

That’s what we need to check. If you have a different IP address, then it would connect somewhere else.

Also, you did not have the domain with another service provider before who possibly also used Cloudflare?

I don’t think the previous domain provider was using Cloudflare. It was originally purchased from Hostgator.

I have now whitelisted all Cloudflare’s IP addresses on port 80 (http). Should I proceed with changing the nameservers?

You need port 443, not 80.

But again, post a screenshot of the records.

Regarding HTTPS connection, my firewall is already allowing all IP addresses on port 443 to connect.

Does not this rule cover also the need for whitelisting Cloudflare’s IP address?

All right, that address seems to be the right one. You can delete the screenshot if you wish.

What’s your encryption mode?

Now I have it on Full (strict) encryption. I had it like this last time also when I tried changing nameservers and was thinking maybe this time to have it on flexible. I’m not sure if my thinking is right.

Flexible is always the wrong choice.

With Full Strict it should work fine and it actually does. Just switch the nameservers and it should work.

I just did, is it now live on Cloudflare you think? The website is still live.

Seems to work fine.

It seems so indeed!

Thank you so much for the assistance!

Now it stopped working :cold_sweat: I don’t understand what’s wrong…

For starters, changing nameservers is not a good idea. Keep the Cloudflare nameservers and pause Cloudflare instead if necessary.

And it actually still seems to work via Cloudflare.

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