Changing Name Servers on Wix Site

I have a Wix site at, and it’s a bit slow, especially the “Services” page.

I joined Cloudflare because I learned that a CDN would help, but they (Wix support) told me it would be complicated to change name servers.

I suspect it’s not that difficult.

Any input or advice?

It’s not that it’s a complex task to change NS, but if it didn’t change in the last few months they don’t support it.

They force you to change NS to them for using their service, which is incompatible with Cloudflare’s setup.

Technically it seems this guide (using the pointing method) should work, but not really sure and it may create downtime.

It’s not a free site. Does that make any difference?

In Wix? It shouldn’t change, being paid should be equal or better, but I have not used them for years now.

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Is this article solve the ns solution?

That explains what is a NS record… what was the actual question in here?

I talked with Wix again and they said that settings could not be changed since I purchased the domain through Wix. Thanks for the willingness to help, though.

No worries. Also note that they cannot force you to stay with them (they force you to use their NS for using their service) for having bought the domain. They need to allow you to transfer out whenever you want.

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