Changing name servers away from CloudFlare

Recently merged with a small org whose domain is using Cloudflare name servers. No one at the org seems to know who actually controls DNS or has access to make changes. I do have control of the domain, and can flip the name servers to our existing DNS provider. I’ve chased a few leads with their website provider etc, but have come up with nothing. Anyone know if flipping away from Cloudflare will result in mayhem?

May I ask what is the domain name?

Furthermore, was the domain transfered to Cloudflare Registrar?

Or actually, someone is using like and other NS type of DNS records - while their domain is using Cloudflare, and are proxied :orange:, and added under your domain nameservers?

Domain was never with cloudflare as a registrar, it was with a canadian registrar which I’ve had transferred under my control. is the domain in question; current name servers are and

Depends, for example if the domain is using DNSSEC and you/they are changing nameservers without noticing it, unfortunately yes.

If you can manage that domain, you can temporary switch to DNS records to :grey: (DNS-only) and see what happens or enable the option “Pause Cloudflare for this site”.

This sounds frightening, if true.

If they lost access to their Cloudflare account, they should be able to recover it using standard methods like password recovery options, or by contacting Cloudflare Support using the associated e-mail account with CF account, etc.


I can’t really do anything with cloudflare as they don’t have an account - no one seems to know the who how or why of Cloudflare being listed as their nameservers. I could just flip it and see what happens; I can always flip it back if the world catches fire, more than it already has that is.

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