Changing name server (NS) to cloudflare showing not complete, but dig shows it changed

I am trying to change my domain ( name server (NS) to Cloudflare. I changed the NS on my DNS, but it’s been two days and Cloudflare thinks the NS change has not happened. It has and using DIG, I checked and most DNS providers show the correct change. How do I get Cloudflare to accept the change?
It seems the system thinks these are links and new users are only allowed 2 links. I will make it an image and link to it.


You changed the authoritative NS records in Route 53’s DNS service, but you also need to change the nameservers set at your domain registrar – for the Route 53 registrar, that’s the “Registered domains” section of the console.


Well, that was pretty stupid of me. Thanks that did the trick.

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