Changing my website from one hosting to another

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First of all I am very new to Cloudflare. I have recently changed my hosting from
hosting1.tld to hosting2.tld

I have already migrated all code and database. But right now my domain is pointing to hosting1.tld with there IP address

What I want is without any downtime it should point to hosting2.tld

I do have dns record for hostin2.tld but I don’t have IP addresses for it.

I never had it for hosting1.tld too… cloudflare automatically detected it when I added it.

So what should I do… should I remove the domain from cloudflare and re-add it?

You mean you dont know it? Your host should be able to provide that information.

Removing it would not be advisable. Simply go to your DNS page on Cloudflare and replace the previous IP address with the new one.

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