Changing my assigned Cloudflare Nameservers

Why are all my accounts assigned to the same Cloudflare Nameservers? I don’t want all my sites to have the same Cloudflare Nameservers. I should be able to click a button to get a new CF NS, like pick a different randomized one (I’m not asking to use a custom one)

It would also be nice if there was a setting within my account like: Assign different Cloudflare Nameservers for each new Zone/Domain
So that NONE of my Zones would have the same NS

Why not?
Is there any practical reason you have for wanting this? You didn’t explain why you would want this.

In case it is worth clarifying, having different nameservers for your domains wouldn’t increase redunancy or anything like that, the nameservers are all anycast IPs back to the same set of servers.

The point of having different nameservers is just so that in the case of a conflict, where two Cloudflare users try to add the same domain, Cloudflare will assign them a distinct nameserver set so they can figure out who actually owns the domain.

I believe the nameserver selection works like this: You have account assigned nameservers that it tries to use. If in case of conflict, it will use another random pair.


It makes it easy to identify that two domains are owned by the same person, especially considering that Cloudflare doesn’t redact Country/State from WHOIS.

So if a person knows one of your domains, they can probably find all of your domains, and know that you own them. Or at least have a pretty good idea.

It’s especially silly that domains registered registered through Cloudflare Registrar, where there’s no need for Cloudflare to verify domain ownership, that they still use the same nameserver pair instead of something generic and privacy-respecting like ns1 and ns2.

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