Changing IP Address

I will be making some changes on my hosting platform which will cause my IP address to change. Because of this, I will need to update my IP address here, Cloudflare, as well.

Can you please assist me by letting me know where this change should occur?

In your CF panel change the A Record of your main domain.

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Do I change all of these?

Yes. This is a good exsmple why you should use CNAME records. If you had used CNAME records for all the same IPs except one, now you just needed to change those A Records and leave CNAMEs unchanged. But with current configuration you need to change all affected A Records.

CNAME = alias. You set an A Record pointing to an IP address and for all other addresses with the same IP you set CNAME to the url with A Record. So a CNAME for to means: Where points to the same IP where is set.

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