Changing IP Address After Moving To CF

I was reading that it is considered ‘good practice’ to change the IP address with the hosting company after moving to Cloudflare. Has anyone done this and do you think it’s necessary? I have a new website (I’m a blogger) and am concerns about security, but am also concerned about any ramifications that may come with doing that.

Has anyone moved IP addresses after signing up with CF and anything I should know about or consider? Is it really necessary?

Thanks for any insights!

It is a good practice if you want be be secure against attacks. After using Cloudflare (CF) although you are protected behind CF, if attacker has your IP he could conduct the attack directly to your server and CF cannot protect you.
Besides using a new IP remember to block all IPs on your server firewall except CF IPs.
To make it perfect even for SSH or RDP whitelist a static IP or yours or your VPN and close that port too. If you don’t have access to a static IP for remote connection you can use port knocking.

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Thanks very much for your response, Xaq. This is precisely the info I was looking for.

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