Changing hostingservice to cloud fare?

I’ve hosted my domain and site at Suomen Hostingpalvelu and now I have created new site at Kajabi. I’ve done domain redirecting with DNS and CNAME from Hostingpalvelu to Kajabi. I faced the problem with redirecting old url’s to new ones by 301. Hostingpalvelu says they can’t do it and in their opinion it should be done at Kajabi and Kajabi says it should be done on Hostingpalvelu because they are just site builder. Kajabi also recommended to use Cloudfare to create 301 redirections. I have 70-100 url’s to redirect.

Does changing my domain hosting and email service to Hostingpalvelu to Cloudfare solve my problem? And if yes, what services do I need to get. I have 2 active domains and apps. 10 passive but need to guide some of them to one fo these active sites.

Please, help me so I can get finished with this.

Cloudflare is not a web/email host. There are Page Rules that can do redirects, but you only get 3 on a free plan. Additional page rules will get expensive. It’s probably possible to write a Worker script to do that many redirects, but that will be a difficult process unless you’re a JavaScript programmer.

Here’s a start:

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