Changing hosting service / Changement d'hébergeur

What steps should I take when changing my website hosting service (and IP address) to keep everything working properly with CloudFlare?

Do I have to modify any DNS entries?

Do I have to modify CloudFlare nameserver records in GoDaddy?

Anything else?

Quelles opérations dois-je effectuer en changeant d’hébergeur (et d’adresse IP) pour que tout continue à fonctionner normalement avec CloudFlare?

Dois-je modifier des entrées DNS?

Dois-je modifier les enregistrements de serveurs de nom dans GoDaddy?

Autre chose?

This would be it. At a minimum, it would be the root domain record ( and the ‘www’ entry. If you’re moving everything over, including Mail (if used), then it’s likely that your entire DNS page needs to be updated so it’s a perfect match to your new hosting.

You do not need to make any name server changes.

Thanks. I’ll try to do this right.

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