Changing Hosting Provider from Kinsta to Wildcloud results in error 526

After changing hosting provider from Kinsta to Wildcloud for the main domain I got an error 526 regarding an active Universal Certificate, All former Cname and Text values related to Kinsta got removed in DNS and new A-record values related for Wildcloud are correct in DNS.

Cname settings for subdomains directly created on Wildcloud are still working. Only the main domain was hosted before on Kinsta.

Hi there,

This is not coming from the Universal Certificate but from the lack of a certificate at your hosting provider.
Check here:

A quick fix would be to create an origin certificate in your Cloudflare dashboard and installing it at your origin.
To create it, go to SSL/TLS > Origin Server and press Create Certificate, then install it at your origin and the 526 should be fixed.

Take care.