Changing Hosting. Need some DNS questions answered

Hey, thanks in advance. I’m changing my web hosting and while I’d LOVE to just throw DNS management at the new host, I’ve got one app that I use that requires Cloudflare for security reasons.

According to the new host, I just need to change the A record and the CNAME www record to point to the new IP. Frankly, that’s not making sense to me. I’ve got 8 A records and of course the CNAME www record’s content is set to my domain name.

So, if you have a moment, please walk me through this like I’m a moron.

Here’s a more complete breakdown:
A cpanel [IP Address]
A cpcalendars [IP Address]
A cpcontacts [IP Address]
A localhost [IP Address]
A [IP Address]
A webdisk [IP Address]
A webmail [IP Address]
A whm [IP Address]
CNAME ftp [Domain Name]
CNAME mail [Domain Name]
CNAME www [Domain Name]

You most likely don’t need that “localhost” entry. But generally, you’re doing a Search/Replace in DNS. Replace all old IP addresses with the new one. For those last three entries, I don’t use CNAMEs. I’d make them an “A” record with the new IP address. And make sure ‘mail’ is :grey: DNS Only.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at this in a bit. This would be a simple change if you’re right.

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