Changing hosting IP address gives 522 error connection timeout


I am facing some weird issue.
Earlier i was hosting my site in shared hosting platform.
Now i have moved to AWS VPS, after configuring servers, now i am facing issue while redirecting traffic from old server to new server.

My default website is available over VPS ip address.
When i changed to point to new ip address. It is giving 522 error.
But if i create a new a record and point a subdomain to vps, it is working fine.

Could you please help urgently, as my existing shared hosting is very slow and new server is not usable if i cannot point it to.

Domain Name:
sub domain point to new server


Die you changes something? The first one works fine dir me.

If you have paused Cloudflare, it makes it harder to troubleshoot.

A good start to troubleshoot 522 is. Usually it’s a firewall or rate limiting.

I changed the ip address to old server just to keep the domain up.
Please try now. I already checked the 522 basic curl test and i can see the site xml popping up.

I reverted the same back to new vps ip address.

Please try now.


Hi Mark,

I further drill down the issue and found the issue is with https traffic specifically.
If am connecting it is working but for it is not working.

This problem is when i am changing the a record from old ip new ip.
Https working without any problem for my shared hosted ip(old one).

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Can you access your page via it’s new IP on port 443?


Hi Mark,

I can access the webpage at http(port 80) but not inhttps.
Port 443 seems to be not opened.
I tried to create inbound/outbound rules under firewallconfiguration but after that also unable to telnet to port 443.
Please advise me to fix the issue.


Make sure your webserver is configured to serve content on port 443




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