Changing hosting Do cloudflare details need changing too

I have a website that is using cloudflares servers. I recently got hacked and so changed hosting, do I need to do anything at Cloudflare or will it still point to its nameservers, the website is

I believe you went with the steps or have to make like:

  1. Migrate your site content (including mails, database, etc.) to a new hosting/server
  2. Update to the new IP address at your DNS interface at Cloudflare dashboard
  3. Within minutes, your site should be served from the new hosting

Check your A records at your Cloudflare DNS dashboard if you have like:

  • A pointed to an IPv4 and being :orange:
  • A www pointed to your IPv4 and being :orange:
  • A mail pointed to an IPv4 and being :grey:

In case of hosting provider change, you would need to point them to your new IPv4 address of your new hosting provider instad of being at the current one’s.

Moreover, check for MX record where it points.
If you are using CNAME, then check them too.

There is no need to change nameservers at your domain registar - they should point as is to Cloudflare already.

Kindly, check here, it is a great tutorial for your case: