Changing hosting company

I’m changing from hostgator to another host. How can I get cloudflare to change to the new hosting?

Once you move to the new host, take a look at their DNS records for your domain. And then edit your DNS records here match.

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I don’t know the protocol here concerning piggybacking on someone else’s query, so I’ll risk that I’m not blatantly breaking any rules.

My situation is as follows: I had five websites on a HostGator baby account ─ all of which were benefitting from Cloudflare. But this past week HostGator shut them down because of overuse of resources on the shared account I had. That account had been with HostGator for over a decade.

Their two options to get back online were to move up to a dedicated plan, or undertake some convoluted course of correction that was a time-waste from my perspective. I’ve about to have my 71st birthday in nine days ─ I only have a monthly pension. I can’t afford a dedicated server, and I certainly don’t have the understanding to tackle all of the suggested article links they presented me to deal with why I suddenly had such an overload of visitor activity ─ bots or not.

Let me say here that I was devoted to those five websites. My last post at one of them took me around six weeks of work ─ hours per day; and the post exceeded 53,000 words.

Nevertheless, I terminated my account. Four of the five websites had essentially been banned by Google for AdSense anyway.

I then went to the registrar for the domains ─ GoDaddy ─ and was going to cancel all of their renewals, since they are coming up later this month. I was going to be completely done with websites, and write off the past decade or more and just get on with what little life I have.

But I decided that maybe I would keep the domain that still qualified for AdSense. I got the further notion of transferring it to another registrar ─ Porkbun ─ and save quite a lot on the domain renewal fee.

So I did go ahead and terminate the other four domain accounts at GoDaddy, and just today I transferred the last domain over to Porkbun.

I also cancelled the four abandoned domains from my CloudFlare account.

I am now considering starting up a new website version of the single domain I have retained, this time to be hosted by Hostinger. I would be starting entirely from scratch ─ I am bringing nothing of the old website over from HostGator. My account there was too large for me to be able to get a backup of anyway ─ nearly 1½ gigabytes over their 10-gigabyte limit. I would have needed to beseech them to do the backup for me, and I just wanted to be done with them.

Besides, if my account had already grown that huge over the past decade plus, trying to transfer it over to another host would probably find it rejected.

So here I am ─ a domain now with a new registrar, and as yet no website being hosted anywhere, but I will probably set it up at Hostinger as said and head in some new direction with it.

I have just now checked the “Authoritative Nameservers” at Porkbun, and both of the nameservers evidently transferred over properly. I am comfortably presuming that this has changed nothing with my Cloudflare account ─ no corrections are in order.

But what about setting up the domain as a brand new kind of website at Hostinger? Can I just go ahead and do that and nothing will be required here at Cloudflare?

In other words…am I good to go? Is it as simple as that?

I hope this wasn’t informational overload, but I didn’t want to leave out anything that might have mattered.

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