Changing Host - Change A record - Site giving 404 Error

So after a long wait with the previous host I finally decide to switch hosting. Everything worked well. I took backup live that back on new hosting to test if everything working fine on a new domain and everything worked fine. the old data was working fine on new hosting and was live on new domain.

Now my primary domain that has cloudflare needed to point to new host and the rule of thumb was to change A records on cloudflare and wait for 5 mins. Now thats where things got messier. I changed A records in DNS by replacing old IP with the new. And Now I am waiting and waiting and waiting.

I have attached the leafdns ss


404 Not Found ( RFC7231 )

Origin server was unable or unwilling to find the resource requested. This usually means the host server could not find the resource. To serve a more permanent version of this error one should use a 410 error code.

These errors typically occur when someone mistypes a URL on your site when there is a broken link from another page, when a page that previously existed is moved or removed, or there is an error when a search engine indexes your site. For a typical site, these errors account for approximately 3% of the total page views, but they’re often untracked by traditional analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

Website owners usually implement a custom page to be served when this error is generated.

Cloudflare does not generate 404s for customer websites, we only proxy the request from the origin server. When seeing a 404 for your Cloudflare powered site you should contact your hosting provider for help.

I don’t get a 404 error

Hi @ali15

An HTTP 404 error is a client side error that means that the origin web server couldn’t find a requested file. Cloudflare does not generate 404 errors, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly at your hosting provider. It’s possible that a document root with your origin is pointed to the wrong host name or different working directory.

You should be able to find these errors 404 in the access logs of your origin web server.

The best next steps would be to work with your hosting provider to identify what potential misconfiguration could be in place that would cause the origin to look for a file where it doesn’t exist.

Try switch your SSL mode to Full (strict) and try again.

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