Changing from HTTP to HTTPS?

I have just set up my account and changed the nameservers for my domain. Everything is active and shows the message cloudflare now protecting your site.

Am i safe to now change my domain from http to https? And can i change it in the wordpress settings site address?

It’s only safe if you’re using SSL/TLS Full (Strict) mode in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

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Ok i have changed it to full strict so do i need to do anything else now other then change the url in the wordpress settings?

If you weren’t using Full (Strict) before, what were you using?

Is/Was the site working with HTTPS?

it was set to full

No the site wasn’t working with https

Full without the strict is pretty good too, but not the best. Does the site now work with HTTPS?

no it shows host error

Set it back to regular Full (not strict).

EDIT: it looks better now. If you’ve set it to some type of Full, then you’re ready to change your site Settings to HTTPS. While you’re at it, in the Cloudflare Dashboard’s SSL/TLS section under Edge Certificates, be sure to enable Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

Thanks you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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