Changing from Google Domains to Cloudfare

Hi Cloudfare Team + Community,

I am looking to change dns from google domains to cloudfare but had a few questions regarding the process before I transfer it completely.

  1. I understand that cloudfare requires me to add a custom name server in Google Domains with the two provided, does this mean that the current “default name servers” will become inactive?

  2. I have a few Types on my “default name servers” that are active such as C Name & A directed towards Shopify. Because my dns will be set to custom name servers pointing to Cloudfare will I set Types up in Cloudfare’s DNS platform?

  3. I have my Google Workspace connected to my DNS in Google Domains, how does my work email get transferred to Cloud Fare? Do I need to set up the MX record here in Cloudfare?

  4. I have a mail SMTP set up on my platform so that users can directly reply to a google workspace email. Will I need to set up a new “host name” in my platform to reflect Cloudfare as my SMTP host or will the host remain with Google

  5. Does Cloudfare affect my page speed by hosting on their servers?

Thank you!

  1. Yes. You can only use the two name servers Cloudflare assigns you.
  2. Cloudflare will try to scan all your DNS records. If it misses any, you’ll have to add them so it’s an exact copy of what you have at Google.
  3. Those are part of the DNS record process in Question 2.
  4. Cloudflare is not an SMTP host. Your DNS records will point to the mail host. Just make sure any email-related records are set to :grey: DNS Only.
  5. Cloudflare is not a website host. It is a proxy service that caches some resources and blocks malicious access to your existing host.

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