Changing domains name server under cloudflare domain registry

I have domains under cloudflare registration. I don’t how to change their cloudflare name servers value.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare Registrar only lets you use Cloudflare name servers…so far.

I’m trying to update cloudflare name servers from ,


using cloudflare name servers that need to replaced.

If the domain is already in your account, why do you need to change the nameservers? That should not be necessary unless you are using vanity/custom nameservers.

Hello @webcontrol

Unfortunately you are unable to change the name servers of domains you have with Cloudflare Registrar. The name servers will always be set to the ones assigned to your account.

If you wish to use alternative Cloudflare name servers, then the domain would need to be transferred to the account those name servers are assigned to, which may require transferring away from Cloudflare then back into the correct Cloudflare account, unless some kind of Internal Transfer is possible.

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how to transfer cloudflare registered sites out of cloudflare to google domains ?

Hello @webcontrol

Instructions on Transferring Out from Cloudflare

Instructions on Transferring Into Google Domains

Hope these help.

thanks again.

Once you have transferred the domain(s) out of your account, you can still manage DNS from that account if you wish, and you can also change the name servers to use a different cloudflare account of even an external service if you so wish.

Transferring a domain to Cloudflare should only be done if you are sure you do not wish to use an external DNS service, and will not want another Cloudflare account to serve DNS for your domain. If unsure about either of these, then I would recommend keeping your domain registered elsewhere and just point the name servers to where you want DNS to be served.