Changing domain name on account

I am having trouble explaining to Cloudflare support what I want to do. We have had one account with Cloudflare for several years. We would like to rebrand our domain to a different domain.

I have set up in our cpanel the new domain as an alias to the current domain. That is working ok except it is not utilizing the SSL certificate for the new domain.

Support is trying to get me to setup a new account. I don’t want a new account as the data is the same, I just want to be able to use the new domain name to access that data and have it under SSL.

Certainly we are not the first Cloudflare customer to rebrand our website and domain.

You’d have to add it as a new site on your current account, then adjust all the settings
To match the old domain.

In case you’re wondering…no, Cloudflare can not just rename your existing zone.


I don’t see why I should have to pay for and maintain two accounts.

Couldn’t Cloudflare just issue an SSL certificate for the new domain?

Most subscriptions are per domain, not per account. If you want two different domains with a paid plan, that is two different subscriptions.

You have to add the new domain to the existing account, and subscribe to the same plan as on the existing domain, but can cancel it on the old domain, perhaps allowing for whatever amount of overlap you need.

Once you add and activate the second domain to your account a certificate will be issued for it, even on a free plan.


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