Changing domain name in CF?


I tried searching your forum without much luck

Heres short quick, simple run down:
I am needing to change my domain name .

In Cloudflare: Is it possible to change the domain name instead of making a new one? It would be easier to change it so I don’t lose all the settings, rules , etc.

Any idea?


Sorry, but that’s not possible.

I recommend you add the new one, then open two browser windows side by side (OLD on the left, NEW on the right), and go through all the settings.

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ok great I will have to do that… such a drag but that’s life! :slight_smile:

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It won’t help with the other settings, but there is an export and import function in the DNS that may be of interest to you.

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Remember if you’re going to do the DNS Export/Import, that you should manually edit that exported BIND file to search/replace for the new domain name.

It’s a plain text file, so the changes should be pretty straightforward.

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