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I have been (not really) using Cloudflare for a Kajabi site for a few years now. When I set up the Cloudflare info, I used a different domain than the one I will be using. is the old domain. is the new domain.

I spent part of today (Sunday) decommissioning my old Wordpress website at and am pointing everything to my new Kajabi hosted site. So far so good…after a few hours in chat at GoDaddy (host for all domains), Hostgator (soon to be old hosting provider) and Kajabi, I’m at the point where I want to make the appropriate changes to my Cloudflare account.

The challenge I’ve had with Cloudflare is seems to be something I’m unable to change.

So with that context, how do I take a Cloudflare account and repurpose it with an entirely new domain?

Thanks for your help with this.


Hi @hugh1,

You can’t change a domain in Cloudflare, you should add the new one (on the overview tab when you login, there is an ‘Add Site’ button, or similar). You can then enter the new domain, change the nameservers and configure it how you wish.

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Hey Domjh,

Thanks for your quick response; much appreciated! Will that affect my ability to continue with a free account then?


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Every domain is its own plan, so you can keep adding more domains on whichever plans you want for each one, including free.

So…you can continue with a free account for as long as you want with as many domains as you’d like.

Hey sdayman,

Cool - thanks for the feedback!


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