Changing domain contacts but no access to previous email account

When I originally registered my domains I entered all of my information for all contacts (Registrant, Administrator, Technical and Billing). Since then I have had to change my email, and would like to update that in the registration data. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the original email account, and Cloudflare wants confirmation from both old and new email addresses. Im not able to approve form the old address. I submitted a support ticket and got the following response:

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Cancel any pending requests.
  2. Create new COR, setting new email to Cloudflare account owner’s email.
  3. User must open and accept COR sent to the account email.

Please let us know once done.

The problem is I don’t have much experience and am not sure what a COR is or how to create it. I told them this in a response but it had gone unanswered. Does anyone know what exactly I need to do here to get the process started?

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