Changing DNS to New Server

I have a domain pointing to Cloudflare’s name servers and a new website on AWS ready to replace the existing one. I have gone into Cloudflare and changed the A record to the IP address of my EC2 instance, but getting a 521 error on when I try to visit the website. Did I miss something?

Am I supposed to do anything with the name servers on Route 53? Do I create NS records in Cloudflare for the one’s provided in my Route 53 Hosted Zone? I have read a few articles and they all say to do something different in that regard.

Not sure if I’m just not waiting long enough for propagation or if I did something wrong/missed something.

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If you are using Cloudflare DNS, why do you have nameservers running on Route 53?

They were there from a previous setup for a dev environment and I just copied what I did there for the live environment.

Did you configure the domain on your EC2 instance?

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If you mean associate an IP address to it, yes.

I took that question to be asking if your EC2 instance knows that it should respond to requests for that hostname.

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I thought that is what Route 53 was for? Where else do I define that in the EC2 instance?

Are you using Apache as your webserver in your EC2 instance?

In that case, you need to set the hostname in your site-config and also provide an SSL certificate for that name.

Route 53 is a DNS provider not unlike Cloudflare DNS. That’s is why I asked why you are creating records in Route 53 if your authoritative DNS is configured as Cloudflare at your registrar.

I don’t know the specific answer to your EC2 question. Are you running a webserver on your EC2 instance? Does it have configuration settings available? I would start there.

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